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Feet in the sand and eyes on the sky, Celine feels most at home in forests and on mountains and beaches. She has spent significant time living in and visiting Vancouver, Montreal, San Francisco, Tokyo, and many regions of China. Celine is currently based in Toronto, where she seeks the quiet refuge of parks and enjoys the companionship of a dog called Rouben Mamoulian.

Celine graduated with a Bachelors in Musical Theatre Performance from Sheridan College, and has also studied at several private studios in Toronto.

A songwriter, painter, and aspiring biohacker, Celine intends to bring the fullness of herself to all of her work. She speaks English and French, has basic skills in Mandarin and Japanese, and hopes to be able to play piano fluently by 2019.

Film/TV: Rising Suns (NTDTV), Flint (Lifetime), Mayday (Discovery), How to Buy a Baby (CBC)

Upcoming TV: Lorenzo (TFO)

Upcoming Theatre: Belle in Beauty and the Beast (Young People’s Theatre)


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