UnCovered: Dylan & Springsteen

As part of the Banks Prize, George Krissa and I will be featured in The Musical Stage Co.'s concert UnCovered. We've sat in on some of the other artists' rehearsals and the talent line-up is incredible! Divine Brown, Brent Carver, Jake Epstein, Sara Farb, Hailey Gillis, Arinea Hermans, Melissa O'Neil, Andrew Penner, and Jackie Richardson.... Continue Reading →


The 2017-2018 Banks Prize

I am honoured to be one of the two recipients of the 2017-2018 Syd & Shirley Banks Prize, alongside George Krissa. We are both thrilled to get to work closely with the Musical Stage Co. in this unique opportunity for emerging musical theatre artists. Read more here!

Flint airs on Lifetime, Oct 28

Lifetime movie Flint is scheduled to air at the end of next month. Flint follows the water crisis in Michigan that began in 2014 and has been addressed but still not fully resolved today. Bruce Beresford directs. Starring Betsy Brandt, Jill Scott, Rob Morrow and Queen Latifah. I play real life Virginia Tech grad student Min... Continue Reading →

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